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Is that disclosure?

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Is that disclosure?  Empty Is that disclosure?

Post  Admin on Fri 29 Apr 2011 - 8:07

The term public disclosure is a broad brush to paint with and extremely subjective.
You see - when an inventor tells people about their invention it does not necessarily mean they have disclosed it, it does mean that another person on the planet knows about what your working on and may or may not tell someone else.

In a legal sense "Disclosure" is more about placing the details of your invention in a situation where the general public can gain access to it without you having any control who in that group sees it. A great example of this would be a trade show, or as I’ve seen done a time or two – Inventors listing them on forums or blogs.

The simple rule of thumb is – if you post your invention in an area the general public can see it and you can’t control who….then you’re probably dancing on the line of "Public Disclosure" .


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Is that disclosure?  Empty Is That Disclosure

Post  Roger Brown on Fri 15 Jul 2011 - 8:33

Another area Inventors seem to overlook is posting their product/idea on FaceBook or Youtube for everyone to see. This is definitely disclosure.
Roger Brown
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