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Another happy customer... Empty Another happy customer...

Post  nimblejack on Sun 1 May 2011 - 22:23

Hello again everyone

Recently I've been asking people who are purchasing the Magic Toob product how they found out about it. Virtually all of them have responded that they just found it by Googling anything related to lampshades & CFL's. This is the most recent response from someone who just purchased two of the 5-packs:

"I actually found you my searching the internet for "CFL shade adapter". A link to the Daily Grommet (which I've never heard of before) showed and there was a video of your product. I've actually been searching for a solution for weeks to make a lampshade that I love compatible with a lamp base (no harp) that I love. I bought a harp, but was unable to get the lamp socket off to install it. It seems like a shade adapter was the best solution, but I really want to stay with the CFL’s. I figured someone had to figure out how to use it with a CFL or the environmental savings of moving everyone to CFL’s would be offset by all the lamps/shades sent to the landfill! Can't wait to try out your product!"

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