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New Patent Laws And NDA's

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New Patent Laws And NDA's

Post  Ready2Invent on Fri 28 Oct 2011 - 16:18

My question is this: Does an NDA still protect us in any way once the new patent laws are in place?

I use people for CADS, Prototyping, and even just to bounce an idea off of from time to time. So once those laws go into affect does the NDA still protect us at all as inventors??

I am not really a paranoid inventor, but I do have a few ideas out there that other people are aware of, and so now I wonder if they were to take those ideas and file, do I still have any protection?

I do file PPA's but never before I have researched something, and feel confident I have all my drawings, sell sheet or prototypes made. That allows me a full year to just hit companies instead of having the clock ticking while I am still working on things that could be done without a PPA. So are we better off now to go ahead and file a PPA before we approach anyone?

I submit a lot of ideas that have no protection at all, but now I am just a little skeptical of whether I need to change my thinking?

Any help to allow me to better understand is much appreciated......Have A Great Day!!!!

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New Patent Laws And NDA's

Post  Admin on Sat 29 Oct 2011 - 10:10

The new law does not take effect for first inventor to file for another 16 months. So nothing has changed on that front. As for the NDA - An NDA is covered by contract law - not USPTO directives, or patent law.


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Re: New Patent Laws And NDA's

Post  RosetteBravo1 on Mon 26 Jan 2015 - 3:06

Isn't the frame part of the what is claimed? Even though I'm not specific about what all is claimed, I keep asking myself if it is necessary to file for a continution for the frame when it has already been described in claim 20 that a product, comprising a frame. Please advise.



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Re: New Patent Laws And NDA's

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