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Not a pretty story!

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Not a pretty story!

Post  snelson on Sat 5 Nov 2011 - 13:12

Our story is probably like many others. My husband had a great idea for an invention! I got on-line and searched for a company to take us from, Idea to patent, to production, to marketing and sales, to making money. Smile I found a company by the name of Harshaw Research, Incorp. and researched them as much as I could. I even called Kansas and spoke with the sheriff's office, the newspaper, the Chamber of Commerce and checked the BBB for negatives. They all checked out so we proceeded with the Company. They began by giving us an analysis of our product being a very high marketability item and the indication that they only take about 5 products a year and our was one they would be very interested in developing and marketing. Long story short, we paid them over $9000.00 and in return we got a patent on our product, pictures of what our product would look like if one was ever produced and many emails promising things that they never followed through on. We are not wealthy people and actually owe for the money that we paid them and are in the process of paying it off.

We are now to the point to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and try to begin again with a legitimate company to see what we can do with our invention. I was very happy to join the UIA to gain information from others who have already been through the process and can lead us in the right direction. I so wish I had found it and joined it 2 years ago!

All advise is welcome!


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Not a pretty story!

Post  Roger Brown on Wed 9 Nov 2011 - 7:42

Susan, sorry to hear about your experience with that company. I would suggest looking at the Inventor group listing and contact the Inventor groups in your state and see if they can provide you help and give you assistance getting your product to market.
Roger Brown
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