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Post  MyShovelInvention on Tue 27 Dec 2011 - 18:07

I need recommendations for Manufacturers for the following areas:

1) Manufacturers who produce neon lights (new invention)

2) shovels/snow blowers (current US Patent No. 6,869,118


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Post  Roger Brown on Wed 28 Dec 2011 - 7:27

Alfreda, have you tried and to find companies that make items in this field? In another post you said you have a company in China who desires to enter into a Licensing Agreement for said Invention. Is it a actual licensing deal or an agreement for them to make them for you and you have to sell them or are they going to sell them? That is a big difference. If you are the one having to sell them have you already gotten orders for the product or where you planning on looking for orders after you have them? Because most companies have a minimum run you have to purchase.
I noticed your patent issued in 2005. Is this your first attempt to bring this to market since 2005 or have you approached other companies? If you have what was their opinion of your product?
Roger Brown
Roger Brown

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