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Post  Guest on Wed 23 Feb 2011 - 4:24

Help from a Good Friend Below!

“This the right time and the most important time for the Inventor and the Patent attorney to sit down and organize the Patents to be applied and the reason why half of Asian Manufactures prefer a clean skin Invention (That’s with no Patents), this gives them control on how the Patents are written and applied..’

Very good, Derek.
There is a clear difference between a patent written around an invention, and one written around a developed designed , market-ready ,invention based product.
Something about it giving companies a more focused defense strategy.
You can see the sense of a ‘clean skin’ policy, offering designed, invention-based products, using NDA’s ,and then the patent being written around the finished commercial product, enabling companies to effectively plan around the patent.
Patenting then is at its most effective, and written within the context of market realities and optimum defense.
It makes compelling sense.


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Post  Guest on Wed 23 Feb 2011 - 4:27

using a
(Brokerage and Development Agreement with a Taiwan Manufacture for the below Invention):

Back in June 2009 I sat down with the Taiwan Manufactures Patent Attorney in Taiwan working out the claims for the Assigned Patents (Taiwan and USA) applied through Taiwan, and (China, PCT) applied through China

In my Avatar photo I am holding prototype number 15



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Post  Mattula on Mon 12 Dec 2011 - 23:29

What if they steal your idea? Is a ND form water tight? Specially in China? What can really be done to protect your hard work? I see your point in a clean invention, but what about a clean get away? Question


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