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What NOT to Do If You Get Rejected

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What NOT to Do If You Get Rejected Empty What NOT to Do If You Get Rejected

Post  Roger Brown on Tue 8 Mar 2011 - 8:43

I don’t know any Inventor that has submitted an idea for review by a company that has not gotten a rejection. The question is how do you react to that rejection? Below are things that Inventors have done when they received the dreaded rejection. Do you see yourself or any of your fellow Inventors falling into these traps?
Rejection is part of the business. No matter how good your ideas are you WILL see rejection. Learn from it and make informed decisions. Don’t let anger ruin what could be turned into success with more research or going in a different direction.

These items below are ones I have seen myself or have had reviewers at compnaies tell me what has happened to them.

Do you rant and rave to yourself at home or to anyone that will listen about how stupid the company is for turning you down?

Do you send a nasty email to the company telling them they will be sorry for turning down your million dollar idea? Because you will now sell it to their competitor and destroy their company.

Do you teach the company a good lesson for turning you down by not submitting anything else to those stupid people?

Do you toss your idea in the trash and just forget about it ever again?

Do you wish the company was closer so you could go there and give them a piece of your mind?

Do you call and email the company daily telling them they need to reconsider your idea because they are passing up the opportunity of a lifetime?

Do you send them even more information on the rejected idea to try and change their mind?

Do you look for somone else to blame for them not “Getting” your idea?

Do you tell the company you are going to tell all your friends not to buy any of their products since they were stupid enough to pass on your idea?

Do you now hate anyone that has succeeded in getting their product to market and you have not?

Do you get friends to write the company and tell them they would buy your product if the company made it?

Do you toss away all your other ideas because no company is going to be smart enough to see your genius?

Do you decide you will show them and pay a company to make your product for you when you have no idea where to go next?

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