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What is Product Development actually?

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What is Product Development actually?

Post  Beth Roberts on Mon 28 Mar 2011 - 21:36

Can someone explain what product development really is?

Thanks, Beth
Beth Roberts

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Post  Guest on Sun 10 Apr 2011 - 19:44

Hi Beth,
The first and most Important part of product development is

(Market and Patent Research) I like to think of it as Insurance, this must be done first and at least 100-300 hours worth both in stores and online, you need to know all products that are currently available in your field of the concept and Patents Prior Art also very important.

Please don't be like the Inventors who come to me and have not done the above and wasted lots of money.

Because with that Information from Research (either you dump the concept and start with a new one) or you can focus on your target market and create a better new product than what is currently available.

Information is powerful and the more you have the better, once you have done the above you can set your design criteria very important and marketing criteria, these are the building blocks for your new product.


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Comments from Mike Burke

Post  Guest on Mon 11 Apr 2011 - 4:31

Hi Beth,

Comments from Mike Burke who I work with in Melbourne

I'd have defined product development as part of the design and engineering process in the sense that marketing and patent searches etc form part of your inputs to the fullsome design brief. It is only then that the process begins of getting something from an idea to a practical solution whether in the form of a design, a prototype or eventually one hopes a manufactured product.

hope the above helps!


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product research

Post  idea4invention on Tue 12 Apr 2011 - 5:06

I agree the first order of importance is understanding the competing products in the market, their patents, and exactly what the patents do or do not cover.

Many companies/inventors can be very clever in their marketing to make consumers and competitors who do not put in their "due diligence" think their product is more protected than it actually is.

After looking at the actual patents and what is covered can you understand how unique and differentiated your product is and where your competitors might be vulnerable.

It's a lot of work but well worth it!


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Re: What is Product Development actually?

Post  Mark Reyland on Mon 25 Apr 2011 - 10:57

Product Development is a set of learned tasks that take an invention and transform it into a market viable product. Skills such as Industrial Design, Packaging, Graphic Layout and Color, Engineering, Manufacturing and the like, all make up the process of Product Development.
Mark Reyland

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Re: What is Product Development actually?

Post  johnbeaty123 on Thu 17 Nov 2011 - 22:43

I agree with Derek. Product development must always start with a market research. Come to think of it, you are creating this product to sell to a given market. Hence, you need to know what they want, are looking for, or what problems they are having so you can use that product to address those concerns. It is also beneficial to compare and evaluate features of the product before you can come up with the final prototype or before it is handed over to the manufacturing team.


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Re: What is Product Development actually?

Post  Roger Brown on Sat 19 Nov 2011 - 7:34

I agree with johnbeaty123, the more research and testing you can do upfront helps you make a product that is better suited for your target market. You want to work out as many bugs as possible before you start spending money on a final product. The less redesigning you have to do lessens your cost for production.
Roger Brown

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Re: What is Product Development actually?

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