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Post  Ready2Invent on Wed 6 Apr 2011 - 10:14

I recently had someone contact to me and say "I'm Scared To Death Of Cold Calling". How do I know what to say when I make the call??

Roger, chime in behind in case I need some back up!! This is just my rookie advice, so don't take everything I say to heart Smile

For me, when I started out "Cold Calling" was the worst! I look back now, and I would get stumped at time, and even stutter.....It was awful!

I sat down, and made myself a standard list of questions, and even wrote my opening line so that I did not get confused on the phone, and forget an important detail.

The main thing I do is just ask for their procedures to submit new product ideas. If they do not have a procedure already in place, I will ask if there is someone in the company that may could help me. The response is usually very well. I keep it short, and sweet, and always keep in mind that "their time is valuable".

I have found that most times I get a contact name, and a contact email address. I start out by writing a SHORT letter to them, and give them just enough to peak their interest, and let them know I am interested in submitting a product, and that I look forward to hearing from them......And that is that......8 out of 10 usually respond.

As bad as this sounds......they care nothing about your personal life.....Keep it business!

Have your ducks in a row "so to say".......Most companies want to see something.....Sell sheet.....CADS.....Not just a written down idea. Have your research done, answering their questions at this point is key. If they feel like you have done your research, and understand the industry your trying to place your product, the better your idea is perceived.

Hope this helps someone......Good Luck Everyone!!!

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