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Post  dpp on Thu 21 Feb 2013 - 3:46

I am an Individual Inventor and expressing my thoughts which I have experienced while trying to launch my product ”Adhesive Tape Dispenser” in the Market, for which I have applied for patent in USA and India This product is also short listed by Wal Mart
Dear all Inventors,

I am giving an account of my experiences / problems while approaching so called big developers, Who are well known and highly recommended by even UIA USA
These agencies wish to help us in various ways As every inventor thinks his product/idea is best, so he tries to launch it by approaching various agencies available, knowing their good name/recommendations in the market,. I am doing the same. But without any final results
What it indicates.
I am prepared to part large amount of my profits to these agencies but they do not give response to such requests, but at the same time they are ready to develop the product further but do not guarantee of launching it. It means that they either do not have vision or incapable to market the product or they just want to make money by hook or crook. It is something like, doctors will give medicine but do not vouch for the results but still, will go on charging the patients, knowing that they cannot cure it. .Similarly if a machine is developed for giving a certain result, and it has to be deliver it with a binding of warranty.
If the results are not proper, you have to take back the machine.
We approach them with the intention that our product will be worth marketing thereafter.
Then similarly why not apply the same conditions to these agencies, who will charge for further developments without promising successful marketing the product, with which aim we go to them., still they wish to develop knowing they cannot launch in market, such people in the trade should know from the idea of invention, whether it is worth launching or not, if not then why take it for development and burden the Individual inventor.

By this what I mean is there should be a chain of Concept valuer, Developer and Market launchers, under one umbrella and they should tell us whether our invention should be taken up for launching stage. and at what percentage of success.
This is required because one person cannot do everything and it needs a team work benefiting all of us, otherwise we will have to go on spending money without any results.
In view of this there is only one solution I can see for us.
UIA having learned and with practical mind and experience Directors from all walks of innovation fields, will certainly will be able to guide us properly, on the feasibility of our idea/concept whether we can proceed further to launch our products in the Market, and at what percentage of chances, so we will at least know where we stand.
This will be a real and yeomen service UIA USA will be giving to us as well as to our Nation.
This will be most practical guidance we expect from an organization like UIA,to produce good and fast results in the field of Innovations for which this organization is meant and is working for.
They cannot stand on the bank of river and teach us how to swim, but they should also get in to water and guide us as how to get final and fast results, with excellent staff they have, they can do it.


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