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Looking for advice on where to go next. Spokelight

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Looking for advice on where to go next. Spokelight Empty Looking for advice on where to go next. Spokelight

Post  justinhalek on Sat 28 Sep 2013 - 19:16

Hello, My name is Justin Halek, the Inventor and owner of Spokelight

Feel free to check us out online,

This product is covered under multiple patent areas, and we are expanding internationally

We are a small start up company, who has received our first round of funding, finished our product development, 3d CAD design work, and patent work. We maintain several contacts in parts of Asia and Europe, and would really like to push this product in those countries, as well as here in North America.

The product, allows the attachment of EL wire to a bicycle in such a way, that the bicycle is illuminated and visible at a great distance in dusk/dark situations. The wire comes in many colors, and can be installed in minuets to customize you bike. This product fits most bikes, with the exception of  odly shaped "performance" spokes.

The safety factor here is huge, People notice, when you are riding a Spoke light equipped Bike.  In packed cities, with heavy bike traffic,like we find in parts of Asia, this could lead to drivers spotting bikers sooner, and has the potential to save lives.

Our company does not wish to manufacture this product in bulk, but are looking into options anyways.


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