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I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry

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I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry Empty I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry

Post  Swisaw on Wed 11 May 2011 - 7:36

I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry.

Actually not , I don’t have it but I can get it to give it to you if you are in cookware industry and willing to become my partner to develop my cookware concept ‘A Better Cookware’. The government grants up to £250,000 to develop new viable business ideas like mine to stimulate economy. I have already opened an account on line to apply for this grant for each one of my inventions but the priority is for my ‘A Better Cookware’ invention, which has a high potential to be accepted for this grant.

There are no financial and skill conditions attached to the grant but questions asked on a large scale about your business skills related to the idea in question, your financial position and expenditure list. I don’t have any business skill in cookware industry and my financial position is extremely poor. Add to that I don’t have experience in a large business like cookware business to know what sort of expenditure I need to start up. So if someone, individual or company, with this skill and experience, and good financial position, joins me or let me to join them we will get this grant for research and development without any question asked and more later.

My concept of ‘A Better Cookware’ has a future because it is going to be legislated for any kitchen of over certain size to use my A Better Cookware for major cooking, boiling, backing and roasting needs. For smaller kitchens heating discounts will be offered. This is for environmental reasons and to save energy. This is because my concept of A Better Cookware utilises heat better and creates a new business, a second business, from recyclable disused items, which are available in plenty.

First I thought my concept of ‘A Better Cookware’ uses less energy like the use of something around 70% of the energy used by a usual cookware. But now I have discovered ideally it may not need more than one third, yes that is right I said one third, of the energy needed by a usual cooking or boiling pan. Practically, it should reduce the use of energy at least by half, still not bad. So if your cooking, boiling, baking and roasting needs add a £1000.00 to your household gas or electricity bill a year, this should be reduced by at least £500.00. For a business like a restaurant, it means a saving of thousands of pounds.

I am ready to join any one, individual or company, on equitable terms on this enterprise. You are invited to apply if you have any of the following conditions:

1- If you are an individual or company, your cookware business thriving and you have been in this business for years.
2- If you are an individual or company, you have started business in cookware industry recently and the business is doing all right.
3- If you are an individual or company in cookware industry but the business is struggling and could stop unless some dramatic changes made to it.
4- If your cookware business stopped trading because of market adversaries but still you have resources and can remobilise them.
5- If you are merely an individual and have years of experience in cookware industry.
6- If you are an individual or company in any thriving business and willing to diversify to cookware industry.
7- If you are an individual or company in any business, which is struggling and you want to diversify on the hope of saving it.
8- If you have cash enough, at least equal to the amount of the grant.
9- Newly graduated with academic business qualification in sales and negotiation.

Priority starts from the first to the last. Please contact me with any convenient means. As a rule, I need to see your credentials from details of your experience to financial position and you have to sign none-disclosure contract form to see technical details of the concept.

Admittedly, the concept seems to be very simple and obvious but because of the dramatic changes it makes in the utilisation of heat so efficiently, justifies to describe it as the reinvention of pans, pots, kittles and ovens to cook, boil, bake and roast.

R. M. Ahmad,
32 Hollybush Street
London E13 9DZ UK
077 1212 6265,

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I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry Empty A crude experiment with a crude model

Post  Swisaw on Sat 21 May 2011 - 4:09

A crude experiment on my ‘ A better Cookware’ concept.

I have made a crude model of my ‘A Better Cookware’ concept and conducted a crude experiment. An amount of water about 1.50 litres took 21.00 minutes to reach 97.00c and started to boil inside an ordinary cookware on the smallest flame point of the cooker. The flame was on in full. When the experiment repeated with the crude model of the ‘A better cookware’ concept, it took under 18.00 minutes to reach to the same temperature. That was quicker by more than 3.00 minutes

The experiment repeated by putting the flame on by around one third. This time the water in the ordinary cookware reached 90.00c after 43.00 minutes. It didn’t go further. It started to play between 90.00c and 92.00c but most of the time stayed fixed at 90.00c. The water inside the crude model of my ‘A Better cookware’ concept, reached 90.00c after 40.00 minutes and continued to rise to 96.90c. Once reached to 97.20c but stayed at 96.90c most of the time. The rise from 90.00c to 96.90c took 18.00 more minutes. During all the experiments, the water was not covered. It was heated under usual atmospheric pressure.

My conclusion at this stage is that my ‘A Better cookware’ concept has a lot of room to improve from this crude model and should be able to reduce energy need for cooking at least by one third. This is still not bad. It is a good saving for big households and catering industry.


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I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry Empty Hi

Post  jameswolff on Sun 1 Jan 2012 - 20:34

Hi! I would be interested to explore the applications of our 3d printers for your proto-typing and experimental needs for cookware. I am aware that our desktop fabrication machines can "print" forks, knives, cups, plates, etc. I would be interested in exploring whether, using special polymers, we can also create a way for "personal manufacturing for the home consumer for cookware applications".

Best Regards,
James Wolff
Buildatron SYstems


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I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry Empty Re: I have £250,000.00 to give you if you are in cookware industry

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