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Looking for Alternative Energy funding Empty Looking for Alternative Energy funding

Post  gman on Thu 7 Jul 2011 - 12:26

We are in the process of developing a business that is dedicated to revolutionizing sustainable/alternative energy with zero emissions. While not solar/wind powered, this system is developed to be self-contained and self-sustainable. This system can be utilized wherever energy is needed; whether it be in the automotive business, residential/commercial electrical power, or anywhere else electricity is required without the use of power companies, power lines, or start-up power. This is a patentable idea that does not require fossil fuels and is non-nuclear. This system can be mass-produced and utilized in disaster areas and remote locations where electricity is non-existent providing the ability to have refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical power, etc. with a very short set-up time.

We are looking for accredited investors,who reside in the United States, and are serious about helping us revolutionize energy worldwide as we know it.

Non-disclosure/Confidentiality agreements required.

Email us directly at

Thank you for your consideration.


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