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What’s the best way to handle a “breakthrough” invention?

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What’s the best way to handle a “breakthrough” invention?

Post  Daniel O. on Wed 3 Aug 2011 - 8:39

Hi everyone,

Glad to finally find such a useful forum. My invention is very technical and targeted at existing manufacturers. Unfortunately, I am not sure of the best way of presenting it.

I got involved in the global rush to design “highly fuel-efficient and low emission” plants and engines due to prevailing energy and environmental challenges. After years of work to develop a very “easily implementable” design, I finally achieved this on the most commonly used engine; the 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Surprisingly, the design requires “only a few simple modifications” on the conventional engines (no new parts needed).

My work achieves the major advantages of many current researches and patents (from my on-line searches) yet it requires the least inputs, making it easier and cheaper to implement, even on engines already in use. The simple underlying principles (you’ll wonder how they missed these), ease of implementation and the present market need, are the very reasons I fear I could be taken advantage of. I was already in the process of searching for a “reliable” research or test facility where I can pay for a setup and analytical tests.

I want advice on the fastest and safest way to complete the product development (even if I have to work with only a specific manufacturer). Any leads will be highly appreciated.


Daniel O.

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Re: What’s the best way to handle a “breakthrough” invention?

Post  Mark Reyland on Wed 3 Aug 2011 - 16:42

Hi Daniel,

You present a problem that many inventors face and it's more about a fork in the road than it is about manufacturing.

As an inventor you must first decide the path to market you want to take. You have a great idea, and now you want to prove it. That makes perfect sense, and as an inventor that's exactly what you should do. However unless you are willing to start your own company building these product and invest the money and time that requires, you need to find your bail out point.

That bail out point normally comes in one of two ways for an inventor

1) Sell your idea without proof to a company already in that business for lower royalties – sell it with proof for a higher royalty

2) Sell the intellectual property out right to a company who may or may not be in that business.

In the end this is far more about trading money for knowledge and reducing risk that anything else.

I hope this helps in some way…even if we couldn’t point you to a factory.

Mark Reyland
Mark Reyland

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Re: What’s the best way to handle a “breakthrough” invention?

Post  Sid on Wed 16 Oct 2013 - 23:36

Sounds to me as though Daniel's "invention" is not yet patented. If so, there is no option but to seek patent protection prior to disclosure to anyone, especially the industry.



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Re: What’s the best way to handle a “breakthrough” invention?

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