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Peggy asking about an inventing company

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Peggy asking about an inventing company  Empty Peggy asking about an inventing company

Post  Mark Reyland on Sat 4 Jun 2011 - 13:09

Peggy recently contacted us to ask about using the invention company Absolutely New

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for joining the UIA Inventor Education Forum. We do not recommend companies to inventors other than to say Absolutely New is currently a member of the UIA as are several other companies that offer similar services such as Invention Home, Lambert & Lambert, and Innovators Warehouse.

As with purchasing any product or service, you should compare what you are getting and what you are paying with other companies.

Please keep in mind, many companies in this industry have complaints against them on the internet. That does not mean the complaint is valid or that the person complaining was actually harmed (or in some cases was actually even a client). Ask the company to explain the complaints before you hire them.

If you are going to use them to represent you to outside companies to acquire licenses ask them to provide you with their success statistics in accordance with the Inventor Protection Act. The law requires that they provide it to you BEFORE you sign a contract for representation.

Thanks Peggy, and good luck!

Mark Reyland, Executive Director
The United Inventors Association of America
Mark Reyland
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